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A Fine Time for Wine in St. John’s

 Published on: Monday, November 25, 2013

Well another Wine Show behind us.

I sincerely want to thank everyone that helped make this Wine Show a spectacular success for Dialog Wines. This was our fourth wine show and I have to say that each year gets better and better. I’m really amazed at how enthusiastic and educated Newfoundlanders have become when it comes to wine. I’d like to think that our own enthusiasm for what we do at Dialog Wines resonates with wine lovers and we’ll continue to bring you the best wine we can get our hands on for future Wine Shows and tastings.

This year we had 15 wines at our table – the most we have ever poured. By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, we had sold out of 11 of our wines. When the dust settled on Sunday evening, I’m proud to say that we had the top-performing booth at the Wine Show and had 6 of the top 15 selling wines of the show. Not bad considering there were 300 wines entered in the show. A quick recap of our wines looks like this:

  • Canapi Pinot Grigio – Top Selling Wine (sold out)
  • Chateau de Pennautier – 3rd Best Selling Wine (sold out)
  • O. Fournier Malbec – 4th Best Selling Wine (sold out)
  • Canapi Shiraz – 9th Best Selling Wine (sold out)
  • Emilio Moro Finca Resalso – 11th Best Selling Wine
  • O. Fournier Uco Blend – 14th Best Selling Wine (sold out)
  • Decoy Pinot Noir – 17th Best Selling Wine (sold out)
  • Fourcas Borie 2009 – 19th Best Selling Wine (sold out)
  • Petrolo Torrione – 21st Best selling Wine sold out –but now available online

That’s 9 Wines in the Top 21 and 8 of them completely sold out!

When the show ended and I was finally able to sit back and reflect upon the previous four days that to me felt like forty days, I realized that our success was a direct result of: (1) The quality of wine that we put on our table. (2) The quality of people that we have educating and pouring wine at our table. (3) Those consumers who truly appreciate a good glass of wine for good value and were aware they could find what they were looking for at Dialog Wines. It’s a winning formula!

I’m thankful for everyone’s help and I’m overwhelmed by the surge of interest in wine that has developed in our community. Newfoundland is quickly turning into a an island full of foodies and what I like to call “casual connoisseurs.” Lets keep the “Dialog” going until Wine Show 2014. Next up? The Dialog Wines Christmas Classic. We’ll see you there.

– GW

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