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Newfoundland Wine Pairings: Jigg’s Dinner

 Published on: Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Jigg’s Dinner is one of Newfoundland’s most celebrated dishes. Whether you love it or hate it, someone you know cooked Jigg’s this holiday season. If you love Jigg’s dinner you will want to have a great wine to enhance your meal, if you hate Jigg’s you’ll want to have a great wine to get you through your meal…In any case, we’re here to help! As every Newfoundlander knows Jigg’s dinner is a very salty (albeit delicious) meal, to offset the salt you will want to go with any wine that has a touch of sweetness. If it’s white wine you’re looking for our Cliffhanger Riesling from the Mosel region of Germany is an off-dry style of Riesling, meaning it has a small amount of residual sugar that will balance the salty taste. Balance between salt and sugar will ensure that your wine and your meal work together and not against each other.

wine03_bigIf you’re looking for a wine for everyone and anyone try our Nova 7 by Benjamin Bridge from the Gaspereau Valley in Nova Scotia, this wine is a crowd pleaser! The hint of sweetness appeals to the most novice of wine drinkers while the complexity and balance will excite even the most distinguished palates. This light, fresh wine with a hint of a sparkle is a great balance for the weight of Jigg’s. The interaction between sugar and salt will create a wonderful harmony with every bite!

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This month’s offer is from Signorello Estates. A family owned winery with Canadian roots the Signorello family has owned land in the Napa Vally since the 1970’s and now 40 years later the San Francisco Chronicle calls Signorello “one of the ten best tasting room experiences in California.”

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