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 Published on: Monday, October 25, 2010

How about this for a serious line up?

– Lucien Le Moine 2007 Mersault
– Lucien Le Moine 2007 Mazis-Chambertin
– Lucien Le Moine 2007 Vosne Romanee
– Lucien Le Moine 2007 Clos Vougeot
– Winter Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
– Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2006
– Chateua Lafite Rothschild 2006
– Chateau Haut Brion 2006
– Chateau Latour 2006

This was the lineup for the NLC’s President Tasting two weeks ago in St. John’s. I think the First Growths speak for themselves for those of you who know wine but some of the others might be a little bit of a mystery. Lucien Le Moine is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the finest producers in Burgundy. The wines were sublime and as the tasting went on, the wines changed dramatically in the glass. At first, the aroma off of the Mazis-Chambertin had a little bit of medicinal scent. It took a little while but soon the wine smelled of powerful cherry, cedar and some baking spice. It was incredible and very complex. It actually reminded me of my wife in some respect…a little offensive at first but she grows on you and the next thing you know, your cuddling under the sheets… not that I cuddle with wine under the sheets…or perhaps maybe I should take back the offensive part? Well whatever, complex is a compliment in my book and the wine and my wife are very complex… so there.

The Winter Cabernet is something you probably never heard of. First, I love the name and I wish that I could it was indeed my own family winery. Second, the wine was pretty incredible. High in alcohol, that is all I could smell at first. But the wine opened up to show black fruit and vanilla with smoke. It was rich and velvety on the palatte, very firm tannin and a huge mouthful of fruit with just a touch of heat on the finish – but to the point where it was offensive. I loved this wine and many at the tasting said it was the best wine on the table – only 550 cases have been made and 50 of us were lucky to indulge in Robert Winters’ creation. The package was like the wine; classic and robust all together. I look forward to sharing a bottle with good friends at some point in the future.

The Mouton Rothschild surprised me. I loved all the Bordeaux wines on the table but I really thought that the Mouton was Napa Valley. It was so young, vibrant and fruit forward, I called it Opus One. I guess I really am just a rookie taster. The Latour (and just the second Latour I ever tasted, 1996) stole the show for me. There is just something about Bordeaux that instantly reminds me why I decided to get into this business. However, I could get the Latour for $950 a bottle or the Winter for $188. Better bang for your buck? Winter Cabernet! That being said, I guess if you have the greenbacks, Bordeaux classified growths really are special. Can’t wait for next year’s President’s Tasting.
– GW

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