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Spring in time for Wine

 Published on: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So it snowed for the 18th day in a row in St. John’s today but because I’m forever the optimist, I’m sure spring is coming any moment now…. yes any moment spring will be here… anytime now….

Well, who knows when the weather is actually going to turn around and we’ll have the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the sun shining down on us. After all, this is Newfoundland and those who live here don’t do so for the weather. They live here for the incredible selection of wine that is available to them each and everyday….Right?
And just in case Spring decides to show up sometime in the next few weeks, I am going to be prepared. My spring time wine list is all set to go and if you’re not sure, feel free to use mine. Here we go:

Tesch Unplugged Riesling (Germany) – $18
What can I say about this wine. It was an incredible find and I’m thrilled to have it available to me in Newfoundland. This is a bone dry riesling with showing stone fruits, apricot, peach and crushed wet stone on the nose with raging acidity and minerality. Incredible refreshing on its own and even better with lighter foods. This will even work with those more difficult food pairings like soups and asian food! This is not your grandmother’s german riesling! Martin Tesch is making German Riesling cool. In fact, Unplugged is named after the Eric Clapton album from a few years back.

Mark West Pinot Noir (California) – $21
Pretty simple really…this wine is just a crowd pleaser. Affordable pinot noir and enjoyable pinot noir are usually mutually exclusive. Not so with Mark West! A light fruit forward wine that everyone will like. Cherry, spice and vanilla with light tannins and a medium finish. Good stuff for the price. The only problem is that it sells out so quickly, its hard to get your hands on it!

Marques de Riscal Rueda (Spain) – $15
Riscal is known more so for their Rioja Reserva’s than anything else but this Rueda is simple with good acidity making it a food friendly wine. Think of a sauvignon blanc but with a little more body and flavour. The grape is called Verdejo (ver -day -o) and it is from the Rueda region in the north western part of Spain. For $15 bucks, you can’t go wrong if you are a white wine lover.

Moulin Lagrezette (France) – $20
Why is everyone so down on French wines these days? Yes, okay I understand that many people would rather go for the hot climate, big fruit in your face style of Australian Shiraz or Argentinian Malbec but there are some interesting wines coming out of France and this is one of them. In fact, this is French Malbec grown just outside the town of Cahors, just south of Bordeaux. Lagrezette have been growing Malbec for 500 years, so I just trust that they know what they are doing. As well, this wine is a 2004 vintage and its ready to drink now! The bottle aging has really rounded out the tannins so this Malbec is actually nice and soft. Topped up with 15% merlot and this wine is what I’d call a “laid back” Malbec. Subtle and refined and most importantly, its a great match for meats prepared on your BBQ… just in time for spring!

Happy Tasting!

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